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Documentation website creation All in Japanese, on a budget

Docs website creation - all in Japanese, on a budget

Establishing a subsidiary in Tokyo is very costly. Be wise enough to avoid such critical budgettings and start from creating your support documents in the local language. Unlike the common localization services, we compose the basic tutorial docs of your product by the hand of our in-house engineers, building them up as a comprehensive documentation website for you. README Digital is a "real" docs service of the engineers, by the engineers, for the engineers, while enabling you to save the initial expansion spendings.

Specializing in entry level with lots of UI screenshots that people love most

Specializing in entry level with lots of UI screenshots

We focus on the introductory level tutorials that local users/support engineers need most. Our engineers will actually use your product and show the tips to the readers, making our publications more “real,” unlike simply translating your original docs. Also, we use a lot of screenshots to configure the operation flow as an axis, helping the readers understand visually. Each doc will be reviewed, edited, and published by our local experts.

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